Circus City Bristol: Kabaret Klub with Invisible Circus

Circus City 2015, running from 8th to 31st October is the second edition of Bristol’s Biennial Circus Festival. Its conception has the purpose of representing and rejoicing the exciting world of contemporary circus in Bristol. Mind, this is no coincidence, as Bristol has brought about such great talent in circus over the last decade that ‘Circus City’ follows as an almost natural result.

This year’s four-week programme has lined up local and international talent under its wing, using several of the city’s indoor and outdoor spaces, staging shows that vary in genre and taste: music, theatre, comedy, circus, dance, digital art and puppetry. These mixtures and combinations are what make the festival a special experience.

One such experience is the Kabaret Klub with the one and only Invisible Circus, stationed at an abandoned warehouse in St Phillips or the ‘Creation Space’, as they call it. As one may expect, it offers a wholesome evening of circus, theatre, comedy, and musical cabaret featuring the ‘top of the tops’ local performance artists and special guests.


Moderated by Doug Francis, one is surely entertained by his unique sardonic humour. The laughs turn into gasps at the wonders of the circus mermaids with their near-to-death, and yet appearing oh-so-easy acrobatics on ropes and rings while they fly over your heads, managing never to lose their smiles. Francis is quick to remind that ‘it looks easy, but it’s not – these girls are freaks’.


It’s a surreal atmosphere of perfect entertainment that words can’t do justice to describe. Luckily, Invisible Circus has planned 3 of these cabarets, and the next two are lined up for 9th and 23rd of October, always on a Friday night.

In the meantime, Circus City continues its diverse programme, offering workshops and pop-events on top of the main shows. For the month of October, Bristol is to be the city of circus.